Overall, condos are beginner-friendly for new real estate investors.  That’s because:

  1.  You are typically buying new, so fewer repairs.
  2. You pay condo fees, so you’re not responsible for maintenance and upkeep.
  3. Urbanization is increasing, which means condos are in high demand.
  4. Millennials and younger generations love living in the city.
  5. Small spaces are becoming much more accepted in the renter community.
  6. Condos typically offer a range of stellar amenities that attract renters — pool, gym, spa, etc.
  7. You’re more liquid because resale demand for condos is high, which gives investors a good exit strategy if they need to sell.
  8. Condos are typically cheaper than single-family homes, so the barrier to entry is lower.
  9. New development condos typically have a generous deposit structure, so you don’t need to put down 20% immediately.
  10. Your interests are looked after by the elected condo board, who help guide the day-to-day management of your building.
  11. And the list goes on.
  12. For investors looking for an entry-level investment, or more experienced investors looking to take advantage of demographic changes, condos are a great investment.