Mikes 100% Sold Guaranteed Tips!!!

Times are changing, and the thought of moving can be daunting all by itself.  The family has to be considered, and what about the new home?  Should we start looking now before we sell the house?  Should we sell first? All great questions.  Let me answer some of them for you. 

  • Get the professionals involved.  Don’t take this burden on all by yourself.  Life is hard enough. Melissa and I have helped countless families thru these decisions without making costly mistakes or delays.
  •  We can make the sale, the move, and purchase your new home considerably less stressful because we do most of the heavy lifting by helping you make smart decisions.
  • We can lay out a full game plan for you and your family to see how the process moves and, again, relieves your stress.  Knowledge is power.  Call me, and I can explain even more in detail and give you what experience has taught me. We love to share!

The Wrong Time to Sell?

I’m sure your friends or family told you were “ Crazy” to sell now… Not that time of year!!!  Folks,  there is “not “a single, solitary bad time of year to sell in Florida. Period.   Especially in Volusia County. And I can narrow that down even further. New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and the rest of the local towns.  No Bad Time To Sell!  Those days are in the rearview mirror!

A Top Agent will have buyers ready to purchase any time of the year.  Like Myself and Melissa have them, also, the vast network of other Brokerages and Agents we work with daily, including our Coldwell Banker Coast Realty family.  Prep and Pricing are how we get the home sold quickly and cleanly.  For Maximum Dollars!

What’s the Best Day to sell my home?

Well, that’s a good question.  The day is significant when introducing a Newly Listed Home to the market.  A Pro makes sure you are up and presented on a Thursday.  A novice sticks it on the day that they get the listing.     Why Thursday?   Another good question. Most contracts to Purchase a New Home are written up on the Saturday of,  or Sunday after the Open Houses.  So, our marketing prep, making sure your home is Noticed and Ready for the Open House, means a lot of work by us to get a Great Turnout.  It can take days of work before the Thursday introduction.  The Saturday Open House on a Brand New Listing means selling in a day or two.  Instead of a week or two weeks or more!!!   This part is “Timing can be Everything.” And to close this subject.   Next!!

Why do Open Houses?

The purpose of the Open House is to Bring your Buyer and also to get feedback.  Is it priced right or overpriced? Is the neighbor’s home for sale down the street more superior for less money, or is yours priced just right, and you’re the better buy!  Are there flaws that people are having a problem with that is killing your sale?  Some items just can’t be changed.  One, in particular, is the location of the home. A Top Agent knows how to overcome any objection like that.  We prepare, not Just Wing It!   And we would have had this discussion with you way in advance. So there are no surprises!  And we would make sure yours was the “ Smart Investment”…    All Agents are not trained equally.  Fact!   We are. Because I just shared a small part of our playbook with you.  This is how we do business. Honest! Our Clients’ needs are always considered first.

I hope you got something out of these words of experience.  Give us a call, and I would love to share even more knowledge with you.